Frequently Asked Questions

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To ensure a peace of mind for your purchase, we provide comprehensive warranty that are underwritten by major insurance companies for your vehicle. We work with major warranty providers such as MBM Wheelpower and Optimawerkz for your warranty needs.

Insurance-backed warranty providers are the gold standard when it comes to purchasing a warranty package as you are always protected in the extremely unlikely events of company closures, not to mention the outstanding customer service support provided by warranty providers. 


We work with reputable credit agencies and provide a wide variety of financing options for your purchases.

We offer
Bank loans with the most competitive interest rates
Financial Institution loans
Commercial loans
In-house loans
Company loans

WELCAB Vehicles

We import wheelchair accessible vehicles to our customers upon request. There are numerous fitments available. For more information, please refer to the following links.

Honda Welcab

Toyota Welcab